Your sample is shipped to our CLIA-certified lab for analysis

The only authorized people who can enter the portal and see your results are those who have your username and password. No one else can enter your personal area.

You should be 18+ to purchase a test.

Tests are currently available in all states except for the state of NY.

All of your personal data and your tests results are protected according to HIPAA regulations

Testing process time varies from one test to another but on average, results will be available within 24-48 hours from the moment the sample arrives at the lab.

All the test processes were developed in comparison to the gold standard machinery and current acceptable processes. The samples are being analyzed based on GLP (good laboratory practice) using the leading equipment available in the market to be highly accurate.

According to the law, only STD tests which return positive should be reported. Other than that, we will not share anything with anyone without your prior consent.

Once the sample has been analyzed and the results returned, the sample is disposed of according to the instruction for disposing of biohazard material. G Medical Health and Wellness doesn't save, keep or transfer to 3rd parties any of the samples received in the lab.

Yes. G Medical Health and Wellness is HIPAA compliant.

G Medical Health and Wellness is a diagnostic lab. We don’t intervene in case of an emergency.

If there is an issue with the result, or if an STD test result returns positive, we will update the MIH in your state and we can offer to connect you with one of our physicians from our network for a personal consultation.

Assuming about 5 days for the USPS shipment and additional 48 hours to analyze the sample, you should expect your results within up to 7 days.

In general, laboratory fees can be submitted to reimbursement through the HSA/FSA benefits. However, we strongly recommend that you check with your health insurance what you rights are and what benefits you are eligible for.

Test results can vary from one machine to another or from one lab to the other but if the test is performed under GLB (Good Laboratory Practice) even with the variation, the results will be in the acceptable range or specific in case of negative/positive answers.